Isabella is 22, from Italy and is looking for a family in the Phoenix area to begin her au pair year. She has had her drivers license since 2013 and drives frequently. She enjoys music, hiking, camping, drawing and painting. She has good childcare experience. Isabelle says: I see being an au pair as an opportunity to do something good with my life, trying my best to be a good influence for the children and I would like to be seen as an older sister, a friend, as someone who’s going to be there when they need me and when they need support. I’ve always had good relationship with children because I really enjoy spending time with them playing and helping them to learn what they might need to know for their future.
Isabelle is available between September/October. Do you have your childcare in place for the start of school? Consider Isabelle!
If you know of anyone who needs childcare, please reach out to me for more information. We have many in country au pairs for a quicker arrival.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 1:03 PM


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